cost effective placement services designed to save you time and money

Palladium Recruitment and labour hire provide cost effective recruitment services to almost all industry sectors, we are here to help businesses streamline their recruitment process and access great staff who are a perfect fit for their business needs. We provide both permanent and temporary staffing solutions.


How does it work? Its as easy as… 1,2,3

  1. you tell us about your vacancy
  2. we source and supply suitable candidate CVs for you to choose from
  3. you only pay if you hire one of the candidates we send you. It’s that simple!


How is Palladium Recruitment different from a government funded employment agency?

A government funded employment agency is an organisation that provide a free service to employers. Their main goal is to assist jobseekers on Centrelink benefits and place the long-term unemployed into sustainable employment, thus getting them off centrelink payments. They may offer wage subsidies for candidates who are flagged in a highly disadvantaged category.

Palladium Recruitment  provide a professional service for a fee and only deal with candidates who are skilled, qualified, experienced and/or want to work.  We will only send you candidates of the highest calibre that meet your selection criteria. We work for both client (employer) and candidate (job-seeker) and pride ourselves on providing an affordable, professional effective service that saves our clients time and money.