Why Use Palladium

Ten Reasons to use Palladium Recruitment:


Speed – almost all employers attempting their own direct recruitment have higher daily priorities than finding and hiring staff. We have no higher priorities than responding quickly to your request. We will always aim to provide suitable candidates to you, faster than you can do it yourself. It’s our job and we love it.
Attract the best candidates – just because there are more candidates than jobs doesn’t mean that the applications are flooding in. You need to search and advertise for the best candidates. That’s what we do – bring the best candidates to you that wouldn’t ordinarily apply.
No placement means no fee  – we don’t charge any money until we’ve successfully filled a position.
Save time – outsourcing recruitment allows you to focus on your core business.  You can also spend more time on developing and retaining your existing staff.  Most people underestimate the time it takes to find the right candidate for a role, sometimes it can take up to six months or longer.  You need to work out how much your time is worth vs. recruitment agency fees.
No time-wasters – our candidates are fully aware of the positions they are applying for therefore when they come to you for an interview they not only meet your minimum requirements they will be enthusiastic and want the job you are offering.
Recruitment – it’s our business we have a great deal of experience interviewing and screening candidates.  We can act as the first stage of your interview process and provide you with pre-screened and appropriate candidates. It’s what we do all day!
Make your advertising dollar go further – advertising in the newspaper and via the internet can be costly. As a recruitment agency we have agreements with a variety of job boards, newspapers and specialist websites. which allows us to advertise in more places for less money, giving you better exposure and better value for money. I
New recruitment techniques – Social Media – we use new and old recruitment techniques to source the best candidates. With Social Media & Networking becoming one of the fastest growing recruitment tools we are taking advantage of it! You can find us on FacebookTwitter and Linkedin.
Large candidate pool – we have a large pool of skilled candidates who are ready to go. We ensure anyone who is suitable for your organisation is contacted and offered the opportunity to interview with you. Using  Palladium will ensure you never miss out.
You’re guaranteed (literally) – we offer a service guarantee leaving you with no risk.